The Company does not operate as an electronic bank, exchange, remittance facility, or acquirer of virtual currency, or any financial institution. For this purpose, the Company is only responsible for the conversion of gift checks/certificates it issued to Users, whether as purchased, rewarded or traded, in accordance with the use of the LYKA. This agreement shall not give rise to any bank-depositor relationship. The Company only guarantees Conversions of GEMs. Trading of GEMs to purchase goods or commodities, or the redemption of prizes shall be subject to LYKA’s terms and conditions for purchase through its on-line store or the Lyka Shop. This User Agreement shall always be subject to the terms and conditions of use of the service of LYKA or the Company, as provided in the LYKA. Relatedly, all provisions of the LYKA Terms and Conditions, including its dispute settlement procedure, shall likewise apply to this Agreement, so far as it does not directly contradict the provisions herein stated.